Philips Voice Tracer Recorder VTR6900

Screen VTR6900 is equipped with a dot-matrix OLED screen, but we also note the position of the lower left of the screen with an indicator light in the red light in the recording state, real-time monitoring of the recordingconditions. 

Select the recording quality, VTR6900 and Philips models generally are not very different, with SLP, SP, HQ, PCM four kinds of quality options, which is 3072kbps WAV PCM format quality, continuous recording 6 hours of continuous recording select PCM noise 46 hours, HQ 136 hours of continuous recording, while the mono recordings SLP can be as much as about 2160 hours, but for PCM mode is concerned, unless when in noisy environments and require particularly special details of the proposed use of such models, otherwise it will occupy a particularly large space, compared to HQ mode 128kbps for audio quality improvement is not obvious.


OLED Display

FM Radio Recording to your favorite radio

Lithium Battery for up to 12 hrs recording time

8GB Integrated Storage

Linear PCM Recording.

Connectivity : Line-in, USB2.0, Headphone 3.5mm

Speaker Diameter : 20mm, Output : 1W

Radio Tuner Station Preset : 40

Auto Digital Radio Station Tuning

Instant one-touch recording

Voice-activated recording

MP3 Music Playback

 Philips Voice Recorder

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