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   Philips PicoPix PPX 4010
The PicoPix PPX4010 allows you to display all the elements you need on any wall, with a screen size of 120’’. It is the smallest and lightest (83g) projector...
Coming soon.... Benefiting from the same specification as the PPX4935 (350 lumens, 720 dpi, projected screen size of 150’’), the PPX4835 also features a 1x3 ...

Coming soon… With its 350 lumens brightness and its 720 dpi resolution, the PPX4935 is remarkably powerful. It comes quipped with WiFi connection, and can be...

   Discover our Philips Voice Recorder VTR5800

8GB internal memory

Up to 2280 hours Stereo recording
Auto divide feature recording
FM radio & FM recording
Digital Noise Reduction
Built-in Lithium Battery

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